Our Fee Structure

Our placement fees are set according to the recruitment solution you choose and the difficulty of the search assignment.

  • External Recruitment: For regular positions, we work on a success fee basis. Therefore we only charge upon successful placement of candidates. The service fee is based on the gross annual salary of the recruited executive. This fixed commission rate is set from the start of our assignment.

For specific positions or in case of “headhunting”, we work on a flat fee basis. This price option gives you complete recruitment cost control. This means that a wage increase negotiation strategy to secure your ideal candidate will have no impact on our service charge.

  • Internal Recruitment: We set up a flat rate price according to your specific needs, requirements, and the means used in the internal recruitment process.

  • Mixed Recruitment: We offer preferential rates so you can get full benefit from both internal and external recruitment complementary solutions.

Our Commitments

Our key commitments to establish a partnership that meets your expectations at every stage:

  • Ethical approach: We attach great importance to establishing an open and trusting communication with our clients. Without your consent, Expatalent will not communicate any confidential information nor reveal the identity of your company.

  • Post-recruitment guarantee: For any candidates you hire, we offer free replacement candidates in case of a breach of contract during the trial period. We always stay in touch with our clients and follow the new employee’s integration in the company to make sure that the placement has been successful.

  • Transparency and Quality: We keep you informed throughout the entire recruitment process and ensure high quality service. If our first search is inconclusive or does not meet your selection criteria, we do not waste your time with unnecessary visit of candidates. In that case, and in order to meet your expectations, we suggest that you review the selection criteria or redefine the conditions related to the position to fill. Our team remains at your disposal throughout this entire process for any advice you might need.

  • Tailored Service: We assist and advise you during all the stages of the recruitment process. By working closely with all of our clients, we can take into account their needs and strive to ensure their complete satisfaction.