Expatriation: a challenging experience

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To be posted for the first time abroad is a very challenging moment.

You are excited to demonstrate your capabilities as a professional. If the company has assigned a foreigner maybe there is a good reason to do so!

On the first day of the job, the challenge begins and here are a few tips that I would like to share with you:

  • Each country is specific with its own rules of communication and hierarchy.
  • Each company has its own culture and a way to work.

Your priority is to build a relationship with the “go-to” people at your workplace, get to know your team members and key partners. Listen and observe, then listen and observe again…. The time you spend listening to them and observing are critical for your success.

This will allow you to:

  • Understand the culture and the context.
  • Recognize their experience and show respect to your subordinates and team members
  • Define an efficient strategy, as well as your first action to ensure your early wins, the milestones of your credibility.

Do not forget that you are a foreigner and no one expects you to just adopt the local culture. You have your professional and leadership assets, so play with them in harmony with the local culture.

The diversity is a win-win tool if it is used in purpose and with perspicacity.

Our thanks to A.M. FP Coaching to lead for this post.


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